AKFA: To Infinity And Beyond

First I wanted to say thank to our wonderful community. I really appreciate your support and faith in our project.
Its been a couple of days after the successful launch and of course the first question that comes into HOLDERS minds is “What`s next?”
We have successfully reached 1000+ Holders and applied for GC and Audit. In few days, once the audit is done, we can safely launch farming vaults and move further into comprehensive development phase.
As you probably know AKFA don’t have mint function and 100% of supply is in circulating therefore we will have to introduce “farming token” KAFA.
While AKFA will be at core of our ecosystem, KAFA will be solely farming orientated addition to our ecosystem.

Introducing KAFA:

KAFA Tokenomics:
Total/Max supply: 1,000,000 $KAFA
Initial Distribution: 300,000 $KAFA
Initial Liquidity: 200,000 $KAFA
Farming Reward Pool: 500,000 $KAFA

As we mature AKFA Farm will implement new cutting edge DEFI solutions such as our own AKFA Launchpad with our own Liquidity/Token locker. This can be expected closer to the end of Q2 and beginning of Q3. To participate in our Launchpad investors will be required to hold certain amount of AKFA which will introduce utility to the token and make it even more valuable.
We also have plans to create our own NFT marketplace with easy tools for anyone who doesn’t have skills in coding to create and publish their own NFT assets.
AKFA Farm aims to become a “swiss knife” of DEFI ecosystem.


AKFA — is at core of AKFA ecosystem. Will be required to participate in Launchpads. STAKING futures will allow to earn KAFA.
KAFA — is farming/staking orientated token. Staking KAFA will produce more KAFA. Access to stablecoin pool. Also will be used to publish NFT on our own AKFA NFT marketplace


May 2021:

June 2021:

July 2021: